Live-in Care, staying home where you belong

Live-in Support from Taylors can help your loved one live at home for longer by providing specialist care and support in the comfort of their own home. Our fully managed service provides you with the assistance you require to ensure that your loved one is safe while maintaining their independence, dignity and choice.

By choosing 24-hour care at home, your loved one can:

• Stay in control over life for longer
• Benefit from having their routines, privacy and preferences respected and listened to
• Maintain relationships and family life - seeing friends and family in a relaxed and familiar environment for everyone
• Keep up with hobbies, interests and clubs in their local community
• Use home surroundings to stimulate support – beneficial for people suffering with dementia

We passionately believe that most people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home is where your belongings, treasures, pets and memories are. Its where you are used to visiting and often becomes the family hub. This is especially important for loved ones living with dementia, as familiarity is very important to overall health and well-being.

Live in care makes it possible for your loved ones to continue enjoying these comforts, whilst receiving the support they require while letting you continue with your own daily routines without too much interruption.

Cost effective

Live-in Support from Taylors is a very economical option for loved ones living with long term care requirements. A similar price would give your loved one a single bedroom within a care home, but with live-in support, you can receive a bespoke service, which not only caters to your loved ones healthcare needs but also their mental, social and emotional needs.

With the assistance of Taylors, your mum and dad can continue living together, without disrupting their usual routines. Giving them opportunity to freely enjoy meals, outings and social activities together, whilst receiving support tailored to each of their individual needs.

Our live-in support provides your loved one with:

Dedicated care: the main advantage of engaging a live-in carer for your loved one is the dedicated one-to-one care by a team of support staff (usually between two or three).

Stay in their own home: surrounded by their possessions, in a completely familiar setting.

Peace of mind: you have the reassurance that someone is available to help your loved one if there is a problem. Live-in care also offers companionship, reducing the risk of your loved one feeling isolated and lonely. We will support your loved one in their interests and hobbies, encouraging them to continue with them wherever possible. This can have positive effects on confidence, happiness and wellbeing. Our support staff are happy to drive your loved one or accompany them on journeys, which makes keeping in contact with friends and the local community much easier.

Keeping pets: Our support staff can (provided they agree) help to look after a pet that might otherwise be put up for adoption or sent to a new home if your loved one were to move into residential care. Many care homes and sheltered housing do not allow pets.

Less pressure on relationships:  Having a live-in service from Taylors can ease the relationship  you have with your loved one. You can spend time with them in a more relaxed way rather than being drawn into being their full-time carer, which can be stressful and time-consuming for you. This practical and emotional benefit of live-in support takes the pressure off you and your family feeling that you need to be available to them all the time.

Holidays and way of life: if your loved one is still able to travel for holidays, this may only be possible if they are able to take a full-time carer. Having a live-in carer allows them to continue their way of life with as little restriction as possible.

Specialist training: Many of our live-in staff are specially trained to deal with such conditions as dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS or palliative care.

Staying together: for couples, the cost of live-in care can be significantly less than a residential setting and loving partners are able to stay together. Knowing that your parents can stay together at home and have a live-in support worker to look after their daily needs is a huge weight off your mind, especially if you live far away.

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"Mum thinks the world of you all and dad thinks you do a wonderful role and enjoys chatting to you too. You make such a difference to mums wellbeing."

From relatives

"It's just the thought of them always being here and listening to us"

From clients

"Taylors, I would recommend to anyone. They train their staff well, they never make me feel like I am a 'client' and they help out with household chores but don't make me feel bad if I can't help out. I couldn't want for better. I can't say how much they mean to me. I don't know what the future holds but with them, I feel better about it."

From clients

"The manager always rings me up at least once a week."

From clients