Daily Support

We have seen from firsthand experience that becoming a carer for a family member or friend can have a considerable effect on you. Depending on the support needs of your loved one, caring can be hard physical work, involving lifting, cleaning, personal care and disrupted sleep.

Support for a loved one

You may have moved in with a sick parent or brought them into your own home. We know that being in close proximity to your relative or friend makes some aspects of caring easier, but it also means that there is little opportunity for you to ‘get out’ or ‘switch off’ from the your caring role.

Looking after your ill relative or friend can make it difficult to coordinate other aspects of your daily life, such as work, childcare, housework, social life and hobbies. If you are caring from a distance you also have the added problem of judging help when its needed with travelling.

It is important to have a release from your caring responsibilities and engage in hobbies and maintain a social life. We can help you to go out or have a holiday without feeling guilty. You can attend that party and have a drink without having to be “on-call”.

Care from professional support workers

Our Daily Support team can help you to care for a loved one in many ways, easing and carer worries you may have had. This support includes help for short periods each day with getting your loved one dressed and washed and sometimes helping them with going to the toilet. In some cases, household chores such as preparing meals and cleaning can be also provided.

Finding the right type of care worker is important, that’s why our experienced and highly qualified support staff will respect your family’s usual routines, and have good continuity, rather than different support workers all the time. It is important that any person that we support are offered personal care issues in a dignified and respectful way.

Having professional care workers from Taylors gives you some respite time.

How Daily Support can help?

The exact nature of these services depends very much on your loved ones needs. Sometimes they may require companionship because you need to work, or you live some distance away preventing you from visiting as much as you would like. Your loved one may require temporary care to get them back on their feet after an operation, including help with activities such as shopping and cooking.

Those with longer-term needs arising from a medical condition such as Parkinson's Disease or early stage Dementia may require extra support with personal care, such washing and dressing.

24-hour support, 7 days a-week, helping people to develop their skills, independence and confidence, getting about and doing things they enjoy. There’s always someone on hand to take over the main supporting role should you need it.Holiday and short break support - at home or somewhere else. We can help you to achieve that long-awaited holiday away by supporting your loved one in your absence.

How Often is Daily Support Provided?

Domiciliary care can be provided anywhere from once or twice a week, to a few times a day, all the way up to live in support.

There's no one size fits all when it comes to caring and supporting someone. The flexibility of adjusting the care and support to cater for your loved ones needs is what we do best.

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